We hold ourselves to high ethical standards of independence, transparency, accountability, and excellence.


We are open-minded, collaborative, and use best practices to be original and creatively find new ways to use old tools.


We have the courage and resilience to be guided by our moral principles and collectively do the right thing in the face of a challenge.


We value deep technical expertise driven by experience, and inspire our team members to continue to learn and build on each other’s knowledge and training.

Design. Develop. Prototype. Support.

OverDrive Fuel Cell Engineering Inc. is not about solving one piece of your puzzle – we are the complete solution. Our independent team of experience-driven professionals can provide the full range of consulting services needed to develop specialized fuel cell stacks, components, and related technologies. 

If you are serious about growing your company’s position in the fuel cell industry, you’ve come to the right people. Our engineers and scientists will work with you to design and deploy leading-edge electrochemical devices for zero-emission vehicles. 

Join Our Team

OverDrive has brought together a core team of seasoned experts who have deep expertise in fuel cell technology and share a passion for engineering a better, cleaner world through collaboration with current industry players. We are a new, Vancouver-based clean technology company seeking team members to fuel our growth. Our mission is to be the world’s preeminent provider of engineering design services in the fuel cell industry.
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