Our mission is to be a leader in the fuel cell industry.

OverDrive Fuel Cell Engineering Inc. is a Vancouver-based company that enables innovative businesses to move to the forefront of vehicle electrification. Our core team is comprised of deep experts who each have more than 15 years in engineering and electrochemical devices and are well-connected to industry players.

Our philosophy is to do the right thing, together. 

With integrity, ingenuity, grit, and experience, we embrace our passion for engineering a better, cleaner world. 

Our small, agile team prides itself on being transparent with our clients and discrete about our projects while providing fast results. We know that having the courage to change the world for the better comes easier when we support each other, work together, and respect each other’s knowledge. A shared fervour for zero emissions technology and a sense of humour helps, too.  

Our team collaborates with you to create leading-edge electrochemical devices using state-of-the-art technology. 

Our consulting services include: 

  • Product systems engineering support 
  • Design of fuel cells and cell sub assemblies 
  • Prototyping of cells 
  • Design of operation concepts and algorithms 
  • Development of component supply chain 
  • Assistance to component suppliers 
  • Validation of designs and suppliers 
  • Creation of a control plan in conjunction with contract manufacturers 
  • Engineering support during the manufacturing process