Carmen Chuy, Ph.D. 

Component and Supplier Development

Carmen is a senior scientist with more than 15 years of industrial experience in fuel cell research and product development environments. She holds a Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in Electrochemistry and Proton Exchange Membranes, and specializes in MEA components, CCM design and integration, and degradation failure mechanisms. Carmen also has a broad background in in-situ testing, diagnostic tools, accelerated stress tests, failure analysis, and ex-situ characterization techniques. 

At OverDrive, Carmen defines and matures component requirements, and assists with MEA and cell systems design. She values the company’s commitment to transparency and collaboration, and is inspired by the dynamic environment that stimulates innovation and encourages mentoring and partnerships with experts in their fields. 

Carmen is continually fascinated by the process of developing technology concepts and maturing them into commercial products. Outside of work, she enjoys camping in the summer, skiing in the winter, and staying active with her family year-round. 

Ask her about: what happened to the plastic Christmas decorations. 

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