Mehdi Shahraeeni

Electrochemical Cell Design Engineer

As a mechanical engineer who sees global warming as one of the most challenging environmental issues facing our planet, Mehdi has found himself in a position where he can make a difference. Mehdi specializes in the design and development of fuel cell components, fuel cell stacks, and the balance of plant (BOP) for power generation subsystems. Now, as a cell design engineer at OverDrive, he can help the company build a cleaner world as they develop the technology needed for a zero emissions automotive industry.  

Mehdi earned a Masters in Energy Conversion from the University of Tehran, followed by a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of B.C. with a focus on water management in fuel cell diffusion media. He also has more than 11 years of engineering experience in modeling, simulation, and control of multiple manufacturing and research processes.  

Mehdi finds joy in using the tools at his disposal in innovative new ways to address challenges in the design process. When not working, he is fond of discussing Middle East politics and daily events while having coffee with friends, as well as hiking the beautiful terrain in and around Metro Vancouver. 

Ask him about: how to simulate the movement of crowds in Tehran’s metro using smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH). 

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