Mike Sexsmith, P.Eng. 

General Manager

There are vehicles in the world with technology developed by Mike that have more than 15 million km of on-road service. Mike began his career in the fuel cell industry more than 20 years ago, starting at Ballard Power Systems in 1995. He has worked in all phases of fuel cell technology development, from testing, cell design, manufacturing engineering, and systems engineering, to R&D, partnerships, and corporate strategy.  

As industry players transition from the development to the industrialization phase of vehicle electrification, a need has arisen for expert technical consulting services. Mike founded OverDrive Fuel Cell Engineering in 2017 to meet that need. As the owner, general manager, and chief engineer, he is responsible for all operational aspects and is the lead consulting engineer.  

Mike is passionate about working on complex problems with the team of innovative, experience-driven professionals at OverDrive, and believes great things can happen when talented people truly collaborate. When not enthralled by technical challenges, he is also an advocate for accessible education adapted for the needs and dreams of every child.  

Ask him about: his interest in restoring old motor scooters, including a 1957 Vespa that took 20 years of constant interruption by his loveable offspring. 

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OverDrive has brought together a core team of seasoned experts who have deep expertise in fuel cell technology and share a passion for engineering a better, cleaner world through collaboration with current industry players. We are a new, Vancouver-based clean technology company seeking team members to fuel our growth. Our mission is to be the world’s preeminent provider of engineering design services in the fuel cell industry.
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