Sheilah Galati, P.Eng.

Electrochemical Cell Design Engineer

For five years before joining OverDrive, Sheilah was part of a small group of dedicated engineers at Loop Energy who created a fuel cell range extender unit for demonstration in a heavy-duty terminal tractor. With a tight budget that didn’t leave room for error, she led a project team that successfully created a module that could handle being slammed by five to 15 Gs on simulated conditions in China. The upshot? New technology for a zero-emissions yard truck that has the potential to replace polluting freight trucks in port operations, not to mention other heavy-duty vehicle engines around the world.

Sheilah was drawn to OverDrive by the team’s integrity and shared passion for fuel cells as a clean energy source. She finds joy in using her creativity, knowledge of mass transport, and project management skills to design an electrochemical cell. Sheilah also has a BASc in Materials Engineering from UBC, and spent 12 years at Ballard Power focusing on MEA research, cell design, and product development.

When not working, Sheilah can often be found doing yoga, mountain biking, spending time with her husband and two daughters, or listening to podcasts on health and personal development.

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