We are drivers of change.

We are bright and experienced, and we love a good challenge. 

Our talented team is the perfect balance of deep industry expertise and emerging young talent. We provide engineering and technical services to industry players transitioning into the commercialization phase of vehicle electrification.

We’ve got robust experience and know-how in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electrochemistry, and fuel cell stack and system operating strategies, encompassing every stage of technology development for fuel cell electric vehicles. We’re inspired by each other’s ideas and love to work together.

The Team

We’re not big on hierarchy but a couple of people are steering the ship:

OverDrive’s General Manager, Mike Sexsmith, began his career in the fuel cell industry at Ballard Power Systems. For more than 20 years, Mike has worked in all phases of fuel cell technology development, from testing, cell design, manufacturing engineering, and systems engineering, to R&D, partnerships, and corporate strategy. Technology Mike developed is running in vehicles around the world; FCEVs with more than 15 million kilometres of on-road service.

Our Director of Engineering, Rob Artibise, has a proven track record taking products from concept into production, and is responsible for OverDrive’s overall engineering process and the design output for all cell and stack components. Another Ballard graduate, Rob has worked with PEM fuel cells for more than 20 years and is an experienced design-and-release engineer with expertise in thermo-dynamics, heat and mass transfer (fluid dynamics), and the mechanics of materials.

More team profiles coming soon.

Join Our Team

OverDrive brings together a core team of seasoned experts and passionate innovators in fuel cell technology. We share a drive to engineer a better, cleaner world, in partnership and collaboration with each other and with industry. We’re always looking for the right kind of talent to join our crew and fuel our growth on our mission to be the world’s preeminent provider of engineering design services in the fuel cell industry. Want to join us?